Why rent a villa for your next vacation?

luxury villa

Let’s start this article with the main reasons to choose Cannes as your next vacation destination: a fantastic climate, exquisite gastronomy, an amazing culture to discover, magnificent landscapes, numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, unique masterpieces by internationally renowned artists, idyllic beaches, etc… The list could be endless!

During your vacation in Cannes, you can choose from many types of accommodation to suit your needs and budget. For example, you can book hotel rooms, apartments, chalets if you love nature, or villas. The latter is the most attractive option if you really want a peaceful, pleasant stay in priceless comfort. Vacationing in a luxury city brings many advantages.

Assuming you’ve chosen Cannes for your next getaway, we’re going to focus on the top 5 reasons to rent a villa:

1. Intimacy

Villas are the best way to enjoy privacy, and some of our properties even have a private airport so you can enter your home without being seen. Having a villa to yourself is the closest thing to feeling at home.

If you’re dreaming of the perfect vacation in a luxury villa in Cannes or the surrounding area, Riviera Luxury, located at 7 Rue Leopold Bucquet – 06400 Cannes, offers you a catalog of prestigious villas carefully selected to meet your needs. Visit www.rivieraluxuryrentals.com/rentals/holidays-rentals-villas-c2/or contact Riviera Luxury on 04 93 99 96 75.

2. No times

In your villa, you decide what time you wake up for breakfast, a cocktail by the pool or an evening swim!

3. Five-star hotel service

If you wish, you can also hire a chef and housekeeping service so you don’t have to worry about anything but making the most of your stay. We can even arrange private yoga sessions or massages for a relaxing day.

4. More space

Villas provide significantly greater space compared to a hotel room. Most of our properties have large gardens, a gym, terraces, relaxation areas, a swimming pool and magnificent views.

5. All together

If you’re traveling with several people, you’ll be hard-pressed to find hotel accommodation that lets you spend most of the day together. In a villa, you can really enjoy your loved ones because you’re all in the same place. Funny moments, long discussions and outdoor games, meals together, films… There are plenty of ways to have fun with family and friends.

As you’ve seen, villas offer everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. They’re the perfect choice for spending pleasant, unforgettable moments with your family, your partner or your group of friends. In a luxury villa, you won’t miss a thing, and you’ll live in comfort – even better than at home!